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8225Y-1"Disc 1" agriculture water irrigation disc filter
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Ningbo Evergreen Irritech Co., Ltd.
Product Information 8225Y-1"Disc 1" agriculture water irrigation disc filter
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The impact sprinkler's long throw radius and uniform water distribution re-creates the effect of natural rainfall, and the device quickly replaced the centuries-old technique of furrow irrigation, in which trenches were dug between rows of crops and flooded.

8225Y-1"Disc 1" agriculture water irrigation disc filter


Goods number 8225Y-1"Disc
Mesh 120
Max Flux 6m3/h
Max Pressure 8bar
Size 1 inch
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Type drip irrigation disc filter
Size 1"
Material PP
Dimension 180*180*100mm
Weight 0.38kg
Mesh 120
Max flux 6m3/h
Max pressure 8bar


Manufactured from reinforced engineering plastic material.

Easy to open and clean.


Ideal for water filtration of micro irrigation systems, landscape irrigation systems and home gardens.


a. excellent for removing hard particulates from water, such as sand

b. not so great at removing organic materials such as algae, mold, slime, and other unmentionables!


by flushing them with a stream of water or removing the screen and cleaning it by hand.

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