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8216-1" 1" agriculture water irrigation disc filter
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Ningbo Evergreen Irritech Co., Ltd.
Product Information 8216-1" 1" agriculture water irrigation disc filter
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The impact sprinkler's long throw radius and uniform water distribution re-creates the effect of natural rainfall, and the device quickly replaced the centuries-old technique of furrow irrigation, in which trenches were dug between rows of crops and flooded.

8216-1" 1" agriculture water irrigation disc filter


Goods number 8216-1"
Mesh 120
Max Flux 3m3/h
Max Pressure 6bar
Size 1 inch
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Size: 1"
Mesh: 120 
Max: pressure: 6 bar
Max Flow: 3m3/H


Disc Filters - How they work:

1. As the name implies, the filter consists of a stack of discs.  These discs are like hollow poker chips with serrations that cause the discs to interlock when the discs are stacked. 

2. Water enters the filter chamber on the outside of the discs.  The water then flows through the disc pack between the interlocked serrations of the discs.  After flowing through the serrations the water then flows through the hollow center of the discs and out to the field.


Disc Filters - Advantages:


1. LOW WATER WASTE - The length of time advantage translates to saving hundreds of gallons of water.  If water flow is 50 gpm, the sand filter system in 20 minutes would use 1,000 gallons to wash.  The disc filter would use 75 gallons.

2. SPACE SAVING - The disc filter system requires about 1/3 the space of a sand filter system.

3. LESS MAINTENANCE - Sand must be replaced periodically, and if the sand filter is abused and not backwashed regularly, the sand will require replacement quickly.  Disc filters last for many years without requiring replacement because the plastic discs are highly resistant to deposits.

4. LESS PRESSURE REQUIRED - Disc filters require less pressure to back wash than sand filters.  This may allow a smaller supply pump to be used.

5. RESISTANCE TO ABUSE - Failure to back wash a sand filter may lead to complete failure of the sand media requiring that the media be replaced.  Failure to back wash a disc filter will lead to low water flow but when the disc packs are backwashed they immediately clean up and are easily restored to service.

6. FAST CHANGE - The filtration abilities can be quickly changed simply by changing the disc pack to the size you wish to filter down to.  Disc packs are available from 5 microns up to 400 

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