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Sprinkler Irrigation System


Plastic Sprinkler


6037F-1 1" Full circle irrigation sprinkler
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Ningbo Evergreen Irritech Co., Ltd.
Product Information 6037F-1 1" Full circle irrigation sprinkler
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The impact sprinkler's long throw radius and uniform water distribution re-creates the effect of natural rainfall, and the device quickly replaced the centuries-old technique of furrow irrigation, in which trenches were dug between rows of crops and flooded.

6037F-1 1" Full circle irrigation sprinkler


Goods number 6037F-1
Material Plastic
Working Pressure 2.0-5.5bar
Flux 0.8-3.25m3/h
Shoot Distance 12-19m
Connector Size 1 inch female connector
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Type agricultural sprinkler irrigation system
Interface szie 1" Full circle   
Working Pressure: 2.0-4.0bar
Shoot Distance: 12-19m  
Flux: 0.8-3.25m3/

Features and Applications:

1. 1" female or male size, full circle sprinkler.

2. Double nozzles, with water diffuser.

3. With cap or not, with cap can protect the spring for working well.

4.Widely used in the farmland or grass land irrigation, easy to install, durable and recyclable.

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