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Micro Irrigation System


Mid-range Sprinkler


MS8045 1/2" mini Wobbler sprinkler
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Ningbo Evergreen Irritech Co., Ltd.
Product Information MS8045 1/2" mini Wobbler sprinkler
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The impact sprinkler's long throw radius and uniform water distribution re-creates the effect of natural rainfall, and the device quickly replaced the centuries-old technique of furrow irrigation, in which trenches were dug between rows of crops and flooded.

MS8045 1/2" mini Wobbler sprinkler


Goods number MS8045
Working Pressure 1.03 to 1.73 bar
Flux 95 to 495 L/hr
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Item No. MS8045
Connection 1/2" male
Multi-level throw 10 degree
Flow rates 95 to 495 L/hr
Diameter 10.7-11.7m(0.46m height);12.5-13.1m(0.91m height)
Operating pressures 15 to 25 psi (1.03 to 1.72 bar)



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